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Our mission is to care and cure

Our mission is to care and cure

• In Saman daroo 8, we are inspired by a shared vision and guided by a rich legacy to develop...

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Saman Daroo Products

Saman Daroo Products

  • Human recombinant growth factor
  • Monoclonal antibodies

About Saman Daroo 8

About Saman Daroo 8
Saman daroo 8 Pharmaceutical Company was founded in October 2008 with an ambitious mission to care for life but had started its developmental studies a few years ago..

Contact Details and Address

Address:Km 10,Mashhad-Ghouchan Hwy,Ferdowsi Int.,Khorasan Science and Technology Park(KSTP)

Phone:+98 513 35000130 Fax:+98 513 35421994

Address:Biopharmaceutical Development Center,Faculty of Phamacy,Tehran,University of Medical Sciences No.1462,N Kargar St,Tehran,Iran

Phone:+98 21 88636353

Email :

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